Call for papers

Please download the CFP flyer here (Click here)

We seek contributions including, but not limited to, the following topics:

3D Display, Tracking and Sensing

Modeling, Simulation and Animation

3D Interaction

Multi-modal Systems

Active Touch Sensing and Behavior


Advanced Display Technology

Neural Control

Applications to the design of haptic interfaces

Neuroscience of Touch

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Perception, Presence and Cognition

Biomechanical Aspects of Active Touch Sensing

Physical Human-robot Interaction

Biomechanics and Motor Control

Robotic Manipulation

Computer GraphicsTechniques

Sensors and Actuators

Embedded Haptics

Sensory Information Processing and Sensorimotor control

Embedded, Ubiquitous Haptics

Shared Control and Collaboration

Haptic Interface Design and Control

Shared Haptic Control and Collaboration

Haptic Rendering and Modeling

Tactile Displays

Haptic Sensors and Actuators

Tele-operation and Virtual Environments

Haptics in Art and Design Applications

Teleoperation and Telepresence

Haptics in Industrial and Commercial Applications

Tracking and Sensing

Haptics in Medical Applications

User Studies and Evaluation

Haptics, Audio, and Other Non-visual Interfaces

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Human-Computer Interaction

Virtual Humans and Embodiment

Human-Robot Haptic Interaction

Virtual Reality

Immersive Projection Technology


Learning by Active Touch



Oral Presentation

You will probably wish to prepare some PowerPoint slides to support your presentation. Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or a PDF and bring them with you to the conference. You will need to load your presentation onto the computer before your presentation, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers. We recommend that you also bring your presentation on a data stick or other portable memory device.