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Main Conference

Sept. 15, 2022

Oct. 1, 2022

  Oct. 15, 2022  

 Nov. 5, 2022

  Nov. 25-27, 2022  

Submission Methods

Authors are invited to submit abstract/full paper using the On-line Submission System, please refer to the detailed guideline for online submission systemor send your manuscript as an email attachment at

Submission Type

Abstract Submission

1.Abstract submitted to the conference should be written in English only. 

2.Abstract submitted to the conference should follow the template provided:Abstract Template

3.Abstract can be submitted in Doc, Docx and Pdf format.

4.Abstract should be within 1 page in length, contains about 250 words.

5.Oral or Poster presentations should be nominated while submitting the abstract.

6.Notification of acceptance or rejection will be given after 1-2 weeks of submission.

Full Paper Submission

1.Full paper submitted to the conference should be written in English only.

2.Full paper submitted to the conference should follow the template provided: Full Paper Template.

3.Full paper can be submitted in Doc, Docx and Pdf format.

4.Ordinary full paper length limits are 5-14 pages.

Title Page

For conference conducting double-blind peer review, the Title Page should cover the information of authors, acknowledgements to disclose funding sources or other information that could disclose the identities of authors. Please note that the Title Page will not be shared with reviewers.

Please download Title Page here: 

Title Page-English.docx

Title Page-Chinese.docx


Before handing in the manuscript, all authors are expected kindly to proceed a self-check. A thorough self-revise will be of great help to our peer reviewers’ work. While running a self-revise, we suggest checking key qualities such as:


Make sure that your paper contains no plagiarism, offers novel ideas.


Make sure that the writing of your paper clarify the work of study.

Scientific soundness

Your research presented in the papers should be valid, with the solid design of experiment.


Your research work in paper needs to be sufficiently important to the field and achieve sufficiently advances in the focused area.


The priority audience of the paper should accord with those of the conference.


Paper submitted to the conference should be written in English. Please choose appropriate words, proper grammar and avoid spelling and syntax errors.


Paper exceeding 5 pages will occur extra charges. Please make sure your paper’s length is sufficient to support the subject.


The presentation of your work is one of the critical assessments.



Oral Presentation

You will probably wish to prepare some PowerPoint slides to support your presentation. Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or a PDF and bring them with you to the conference. You will need to load your presentation onto the computer before your presentation, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers. We recommend that you also bring your presentation on a data stick or other portable memory device.